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The Cleveland Browns found a hit last season with their Color Rush uniforms, which debuted in the Week 3 win over the New York Jets.

Browns fans instantly fell in love with the uniforms, as the brown jerseys with orange striped sleeves coincided with Baker Mayfield‘s debut and the franchise’s first win following an 0-16 season.

That game was a Thursday night contest and the Browns drew a nationally televised game. It was the night the Rally Possum made his debut. The Bud Light fridges were unlocked. Quite the time to be alive.

Well, good news, Dawg Pound. The Color Rush uniforms will return in 2019. The team is allowed to wear the combination twice during the regular season, per league rules, according to ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi. The Browns can also pull them out of the drawer should the franchise make the playoffs.

Grossi speculated, via (subscription), the Week 3 game against the Rams would be a great spot for the Color Rush uniforms to debut in 2019. It’s a Sunday Night Football game televised for a national audience. The Browns will want to put their best foot forward and they tend do to so in those Color Rush uniforms.

The schedule breakdown is here, but I could see the Browns wearing the Color Rush uniforms for a second time in Week 11, when Cleveland hosts the Steelers in a Thursday night contest. It’ll probably air on on FOX and with both teams expected to contend for the playoffs, it will be Color Rush worthy.