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Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson will make his celebrated jump into Lake Erie on June 1, according to an announcement Monday on the team’s Twitter page.

Jackson has turned the event into a fundraiser for his charitable foundation that fights human trafficking.


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Hue Jackson will make good on his word. ‍♂️

Coach will be jumping in Lake Erie June 1st for a good cause » @HueJacksonFDN
2:24 AM – May 15, 2018
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“Fortunately I’m not going alone,” Jackson said about keeping his word to jump in the lake. “Many members of the Browns organization have agreed to jump with me.”

The jump goes back to January 2017, when after a 1-15 season Jackson vowed 2017 would be better or fans would “find him swimming in the lake.”

The Browns went winless in 2017, and Jackson said the time has come for him to keep his word. He promised to donate $100 for every individual who jumps in the lake with him to The Hue Jackson Foundation, which he set up a year ago to fight human trafficking.

“My goal is to get $15,000,” Jackson said.

That means he would be joined by 150 members of the organization.

“We are working toward making 2018 a much better year for the Cleveland Browns,” Jackson said, “and I’m hoping to also cleanse ourselves of all the losing for the past two seasons by jumping in.”

The jump will be a private event, open only to members of the organization. Jackson said the team will release a video of the event on its social media platforms after June 1.

Jackson had to wait until June to take the dive because he had a stent placed in his heart in 2014 and doctors instructed him to wait for the lake water to warm up.

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